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As manufacturers and wholesalers, we have been an innovative leader for One of a Kind giftware since the early 1970s. We have a large selection of themed, specialized and personalized items which includes Drinking gifts, Smoking gifts, Novelty gifts, Wedding gifts, Personal gifts, Drinking gifts and Smoking gifts. All are featured with our "Exclusive Proprietary Art" designs which are made of fine pewter 100% lead-free and made in the USA. This includes Celtic designs, Feminine designs, Fairies, Wizards, Dragons, Pirates and Skulls, Alternative Lifestyle, Biker & Trucker Art, Country Western and Wildlife Contemporary designs. "American art made in America by Americans for Americans!". We are proud to present our line of Exclusive "Human Glass Eye Jewelry" and "High Quality Cat Eye Jewelry", 100% Made in the USA.

We're confident that we're providing our customers with premium quality gifts and great value prices. We believe that Quality and Value is the “American Way of Life” and is why we take pride in the selection of gifts, finished and assembled in the USA. Whether your desire is to be elegant or funky, religious or corporate, whether it’s for Birthdays, Mother’s Day, Father's Day, Weddings or any other occasions, you'll find the right gift here. "Unsurpassed Uniqueness” is our vision, "Exceeding Excellence" is our goal and "Quality and Value" is our promise ! Please contact us to check availability if you need a larger quantity for special events. Please read our policies regarding selling, shipping, return, refund, warranty and declaimer before placing your order. You agree to these terms and conditions when you place an order at our store.

We guarantee our products and workmanship 100% and every item has been thoroughly checked, professionally packed and video-taped before shipment.We want to earn your trust and return business by delivering your order error free and on time. If you have any problem regarding damage, defective, shortage, wrong, missing or delay shipment, please contact us and give us a chance to assist you. Perhaps we can resolve your difficulty and eliminate future customer dissatisfaction. We'd to love to listen to any suggestions or feedback, so we can improve our products and service. 

We offer everyday free standard shipping on domestic retail orders over $100. You're going to have a worry-free shopping experience with us. We strive to make it a pleasure for you to shop for any of your special occasions with confidence. If any of our items do not meet your expectation, just ask for a simple return or exchange (some exclusions may apply), for more details please see our Shipping and Returns.

You'll earn reward points with every order no matter how small. You must have a registered account to have your total redemption points automatically calculated as well as for redemption purposes, see more details in our Rewards Program.

Your security and privacy is our top priority that is why all online transactions are completely secured by high-grade SSL encryption, see more details in our Privacy Policy.

(***Copyright Notice: All of our proprietary artwork are copyrighted, reproduction of any part of it without our written permission is prohibited. Purchased products do not transfer copyright to the buyer nor grant any authorized reseller status.)